Queen of Somali Television: Nuura Mohamed is a talented and glamorous young lady…

Queen of Somali Television:  Nuura Mohamed is a talented and glamorous young lady, who presents HCTV’s Nuura Fashion programme:  In her weekly show, she talks about the latest fashion and styling trends with her loyal audience.  

Nura ShowNuura show is a slick fashion and styling TV programme presented by very confident and articulate Nuura Mohamed.   Born in Hargeisa, but grown up in UAE where she completed her secondary school.   Later on she moved to UK, where she studied fashion and beautification.   In fact, considering she speaks fluent Arabic and English, one may think she’s more suited to Al Jazeera or even one of those day time British talk shows.   She delivers her subject matter expertly, especially when it comes to fashion, make ups and styling that suits woman of colour, especially Somali women.

No doubt, her fashion show is timely and much appreciated within the Somali Diaspora; including those loyal followers who regularly follow her programme back home in Somalia.  Her show has been on air for almost a year and half now, and since then it took Somali television audience by storm, due to her subject experience and her well qualified advice she gives to her live audience, not to mention her beauty and charm which attracts a lot of male followers.   Previously she presented ‘’Qaab iyo Qurux’’ in Royal TV, before she moved to her current fashion show with HCTV.   She has got a confident and attractive voice, and a likeable personality.   She’s quick witted to handle any unexpected event smoothly in a live programme whenever someone criticises her show or the topic she’s delivering.  She got a good rapport with her audience, and she understands well about the technical awareness required from a TV presenter

Nura Show2Unfortunately, having your own show in a Somali Television isn’t always like Oprah Winfrey’s rag to riches, nevertheless, at least the experience and finding your own niche in a very competitive arena could be anyone’s stepping stone to life changing career, which I believe made Nuura Mohamed, the perfect candidate to be a TV fashion presenter.   The demand for such a programme is due to modern young Somalis who understand how important fashion and styling is to their daily life, including those who may not be so overtly into fashion, but overall, Nuura Fashion is a decent  TV programme where Somali women can follow and relate their daily experiences regarding fashion and styling.

 Although western style TV show is still in its infancy on Somali TV, nevertheless, the problem I have with Somali television is that their presenters often jump from one subject to another instead of sticking to a one particular niche market, or specialising a particular field.   This creates unnecessary competition and rivalry among the handful of TV presenters.

As we may all know it, in today’s world fashion and good styling is all about the image you want to present to the outside world, whether you going to party, or even going out in a simple meal.  Whether we’re a young or  adult, we all need to be confident and be part of modern society, and nobody wants to be left behind in cruel world where human being are valued what they wearing and how they style themselves.   Thus, her show combines all the elements of glamour and style in what was previously dominated by news and current affair programmes.

Her show isn’t always about glamorising, but it also talks about other prevailing subjects within the Somalian society, it also warns Somali women about dangerous beauty products, such as skin bleaching and other harmfull beauty products.    Suffice to say, Nuura Fashion is timely, and is one of the most popular TV show at present time.   And with nearly two thousand admirers on her facebook www.facebook.com/Nuura-Show, she’s becoming an ever more popular among the young fashion conscious type.

Ali Dhinbiil

Current Affair editor