SomalilandPost is a free impartial Somaliland News Portal, intended for the Somaliland people in the country or in the Diaspora and the Horn of Africa and the world at large as well as other interested individuals and organizations. It is designed to provide reliable up to date news reports, analysis on current issues in political, social and cultural fields.

Accordingly, SomalilandPost’s main mission is to produce and print for wider dissemination, articles and commentaries of high journalistic standard that are fair, objective and free from extremism, bias or external influence.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the leading impartial, neutral, free and fair news service provider of the 21st century political, economical, social issues in Somaliland.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inform, entertain, motivate and connect Somaliland people in transforming our nation towards prosperity and democracy. We stand for and promote to progressive values of our society.

SomalilandPost is among leading websites for news and information in the country and Somaliland community around the world. It is owned by SLpost Media Incorporation. and it is professionally staffed. Since its establishment, SomalilandPost has provided latest headlines in news, politics, socio-economy, programs about Somaliland and neighbouring countries, to a growing audience inside and outside Somaliland.

SomalilandPost is deeply committed to broadcast the Somaliland news around the world and specializes in publishing objective and timely news from direct sources inside the country. The Site is updated on a minute-by-minute basis and offers our global audience all the latest developments on a bilingual platform Somali and English.

SomalilandPost does not support any particular political movement or party, and we also do not believe the modern political context can easily be divided up into either a right wing or a left wing. Even though the owner and contributors obviously hold personal views, which can be evident at times in the image captions, this is not deliberate and SomalilandPost aim to bring you the news as it happened.

SomalilandPost gladly accepts any contribution of articles news and information about Somaliland and issues concerning about our neighbouring Somali republic topics in regard to Somaliland..


Kadar E. Kaariye