Message and Reminder to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud of Somalia. Somaliland will be Somaliland forever and Ever Until the World ENDS

AXMED YASIINFirst of all, before I come my main point and shed some light on who we are as Somaliland, I was shocked by your recent VOA interview, I was shocked for the fact you claimed Somaliland was part of Somalia, I was shocked the fact you said the talk between Somaliland and Somalia are co-chaired by the British and yourself. No you are wrong, the whole world knows that this talk is between Somaliland and Somalia with the presence of British and other European countries
When you were elected yesterday, you carefully selected your words on Somaliland issue, you said that you will continue and respect the talks that were started by sheikh sheriff Government and also you mentioned that no one will force Somaliland against their wish. That was your exact word soon after you were elected, I don’t understand why you are now saying Somaliland is part of Somalia, what an absurd comment. So the question I am asking you is which of these comments is right. Let me tell you something. Somaliland will be Somaliland forever, whether Somalia is recognised or not. No one will be able to force Somaliland to reunite with Somalia. Somaliland is a sovereign state that has been recovered from the union that we Somaliland have created without doubt in the first place and remember that we were a country that was fully recognised by more than 35 countries. Let me remind you Mr president of Somalia some facts, the truth of the fact is that whether or not Somaliland is recognised by the international communities or by yourselves, that will not change an iota from what Somaliland wants or believes, no matter what, we have recognised ourselves in 1991 and believe we can stay this way until the doomsday comes. If the the whole world comes together they cannot and will not force us for unification. I will say go out of Mogadishu and control it before you come on a live interview claiming Somaliland is part of Somalia, how bizarre.

Somaliland was a country before; we came to you in 1960. And we are a country now and were a country for the past 22 years regardless of outside recognition and we will be a country until doomsday comes
We rebuilt our country from a total destruction and chaos by Somalis. We Somaliland showed the whole world that we can survive without recognition; we recognised ourselves and will continue that way until the doomsday.
Somaliland case is based on experience; bad experience, we suffered injustice, genocide by your hands. We came to you in 1960 in haste and to create that dream of Somaliweyn, but you buried that dream by your own hands, you moved the capital to Mogadishu, you built universities in Mogadishu, you controlled the economy.

And the worse of it was when you started bombing and bombarded the major cities indiscriminately killed everything that was moving including animals, you destroyed schools, hospitals, mosques and homes or dwelling . Over a million people became internally displaced, another million sought refuge in Ethiopia and other countries while hundreds of thousand escaped or fled to every corner of the globe. In the end, we freed ourselves and started rebuilding our lovely country

We have managed to elect four different governments, two parliament and two local government elections, we rebuilt the schools, hospitals, dwelling places that you destroyed indiscriminately… and on top of that we built our first universities, first time in our history. We survived with little help or assistance from the international community

My friend the whole world has respect for our achievement so you should.

Finally, The two state talk that are scheduled to resume May this year will have to take place regardless of what you guys said on a national television just to upset Somaliland. We need to make sure both Somaliland and Somalia NOT to cause any problems or delays, the talk is so important to both Somaliland and Somalia and can be beneficial either way. . The whole world, especially those countries that have always helped and assisted both states are eagerly and desperately waiting this second meeting to take place

I am sure our president Ahmed Siilaanyo will give YOU an appropriate replies to your comments made by you recently

AhmedYasin Mohamed Jama
Gudoomiyaha Somaliland Concern Group