Somaliland president warns of external influence on the Political parties

Hargeisa (SLpost)- Somaliland president, Muse Bihi Abdi, has today delivered his annual State of the Nation at a joint session of Somaliland Parliament, consisting of the House of Elders and the House of Representatives.

In his speech, President Muse Bihi addressed a range of issues related to his government’s performance over the past year and also the process of the activities done during his four years long term in office.

The president, by following Somaliland’s democratic principles, promised that elections will take place on time, but he urged that political parties should abide by the law and implement true democracy based on the principles and policies that define the country’s development agenda.

“The National Parties, which are the means by which citizens achieve their political aspirations, should be law-abiding, non-partisan, and within them, a true democracy based on clear principles and policies that define the country’s development agenda,” said the president.

Muse Bihi Abdi warns of foreign influence on the political parties. “The party’s finances come from the party’s supporters in every region and avoid foreign interference. If foreign interference enters into the party, it will be seen as a threat to the sovereignty of our country,” warns the president.

“Therefore, it is necessary to complete the remaining elections such as the opening of political parties on time and the election of the President, in accordance with the laws and the Constitution of the country.”

He promised that elections will be held on time, “As a government, we are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities in this year’s elections on time, and any challenges we face will be addressed in a legal manner and in consultation with the National Institutions,” Said Muse Bihi.

“Politics does not require false promises, uncertain political reflections and does not mean political victory. I hope that those who do not win will be able to dust off their fingers and accept their loss with grace.”

By Somalilandpost