Somaliland: Hope of Africa Democracy Under Attack from All Sides

Here you are, a resident of the fiercely independent Republic of Somaliland, just trying to eke out a living in this little slice of unrecognized bliss on the Horn of Africa. But at every turn, there’s some foreign despot or global organization trying to tell you how to live your life and ruin your hard-fought freedom. Whether it’s the boogeymen in Mogadishu, the suits at the UN, or the dragons pulling strings in Beijing, everyone seems to think they know what’s best for your little country. Well, not on your watch. As long as President Muse Bihi stands up to these foreign interlopers and safeguards Somaliland sovereignty, you’ll rest easy knowing liberty still reigns in the land you call home. The future remains unclear, but one thing’s for sure: Somaliland’s fate depends on Bihi.

Bihi: A Hero Betrayed by UN and Foreign Powers’ Meddling

The plot thickens in the melodrama that is Somaliland politics. Our fearless leader Muse Bihi emerged as a beacon of hope, only to find himself surrounded by vipers seeking to undermine his authority. Bihi can’t catch a break!

First, the election commission caused a kerfuffle with some nonsense about postponing elections. As if the good people of Somaliland would stand for such shenanigans. Bihi swiftly gave them the old heave-ho, problem solved.

Yet the foreign meddlers persist. The UN wastes billions propping up the failed state of Somalia but won’t give Somaliland the time of day. China dangles investments and debt traps. Neighbors make noise about unity and borders. As if they have any say in Somaliland’s destiny!

Meanwhile, Bihi seeks new alliances. Oil could flow if only the foreigners would stop interfering. But will they leave our fearless leader to work in peace? Probably not, the rascals.

Still, Bihi soldiers on. He’s beaten back upstarts and terrorists alike. A little foreign mischief won’t stop him. The people chose Bihi to secure Somaliland’s freedom, and he won’t disappoint his legions of fans. Our hero marches on.

Stop the Flawed Elections and Focus on Security and Oil

Look, we get it. Elections are exciting. All that drama and intrigue, the thrill of victory and agony of defeat. But let’s be real here, people. Somaliland has bigger fish to fry right now than another round of flawed elections and political squabbling.

For one thing, you’ve got terrorists knocking on your door like obnoxious neighbors who don’t grasp the concept of “we have to get up early.” Al-Shabaab is over there causing trouble, while the UN is too busy cozying up to Somalia to notice you’re under siege. And don’t even get us started on the nonsense from Puntland. Someone needs to tell them to back off before things get ugly

What Somaliland really needs is for Bihi to stop worrying about election commissions and start focusing on what really matters: security, oil, and new alliances. Get some troops on those borders, stat. Pump that oil and sell it to anyone who’s buying so you can fund those troops. And forge some strategic friendships with neighbors who actually support Somaliland’s freedom, not undermine it.

Look, elections will come and go, but sovereignty is forever. Or at least until some meddling foreign power decides they want a say in how you govern yourselves. So, Bihi, be a good chap and get to work safeguarding Somaliland’s freedom. The people will thank you for it. And if they don’t, well, you’ll all be too rich and secure to care. Chin up, man! You’ve got this.

Why Bihi Must Confront the UN and Demand Somaliland’s Independence

The UN just can’t help itself, can it? Like an overeager puppy, it has to stick its snout into every little thing that’s none of its business. Now they’ve turned their meddling attentions to Somaliland, and President Bihi will have to give them the old heave-ho before they make an even bigger mess of things

After the unmitigated disaster that was their “nation-building” project in Somalia proper, you’d think the UN would have learned its lesson. But no, they’re back for more, determined to impose their will on Somaliland as well. President Bihi will have to sit them down for a little chat and say, “Thanks but no thanks, we’ve got this handled.” Somaliland has prospered for nearly 30 years without UN involvement, so their “help” is not needed or wanted, thank you very much.

The UN seems to think Somaliland will come running into their open arms, delighted to give up sovereignty for the privilege of becoming another failed state under their control. But Somalilanders value freedom too highly to sign up for that hot mess. President Bihi understands this and won’t allow predatory foreign powers to undermine Somaliland’s liberty or democracy. He’ll give the UN the boot before they even get their foot in the door.

In short, the UN’s unsolicited interest in Somaliland must be rebuffed. President Bihi will have to tell them to keep walking and not let the door hit them on their way out. Somaliland’s destiny will be guided by its own citizens, not meddling foreigners with hidden agendas. The future is bright, but only if the UN keeps its grubby mitts off!


As Somalilanders, your fate rests in the steady hands of Bihi, a leader as unflappable as he is visionary. While foreign powers circle like vultures waiting to pick at the carcass of your hard-fought freedom, Bihi stands as the sole bulwark protecting all you hold dear. His task is unenviable yet necessary. Yours is simply to offer your unyielding support. Stand with Bihi, Somaliland, for in unity there is strength. Let the UN and its terrorist friends in Somalia wail and gnash their teeth – their crocodile tears mean nothing. You have a nation to build, oil to pump, and a future to forge. The road ahead won’t be easy, but with Bihi at the helm at least you can be sure of one thing: it will always lead to freedom. Now stop reading and get to work! A new dawn is breaking in the Horn of Africa, and its name is Somaliland.

By Kasim Abdulkadi

Somaliland Intellectuals Institute