SOMALILAND: American Refugee Committee(ARC) Honoured to Dahabshiil International Awards

Yesterday Night A High Organised Ceremony That was Prepared of the American Refugee Committee ( ARC) Held In Minneapolis.

The Dinner Meetings Was Discussed The Progress and The Challenges Facing Refugees , the Ceremony Attended At least 1000 People Across the world .
its also The Ceremony was Attends The Somalia Ambassador In US , The awards were presented respect the companies considered to address the activities of refugees.

That Companies to Honoured in The Meetings Led of Dahabshiil Group Of Companies The Leadership of Dahabshiil Company Hon.Abdirashed Mohamed Saed Duale the CEO Of Dahabshiil After the Meetings He Speaks Bbc Somali Correspondent, He commented The Award of Honoured in Dahabshiil.

Mr.Duale Described In this Ceremony He said

“ As You Known The Ceremony Was Organised American Refugee Committee ( ARC) Based In Province of Minnesota ( USA) , Its A International Agence They Work of Somali Region and Many other of African countries, As We Dahabshiil Group Of Companies extremely proud and honoured to be part of that Companies To They Awarded in This,
This Ceremony Was Organised in ARC Attends In 1000 people that To Commemorates the Progress of Somali People To they Reaches Many Areas ,Mostly The Somali Regions News Not Good After that Hard Work ,As Dahabshiil Group We Are Delighted In this Award To Honoured In Our Company,
Dahabshiil has in the past been recognised for the contribution we have made to the communities that we serve and for supporting increased financial stability in Somalia. These principles remain at the heart of our business.”
Look here Of that Bbc Interview In Dahabshiil Ceo Abdirashed mohamed saed duale

About Dahabshiil Company
Dahabshiil, an indigenous African company, was founded in 1970. It was set up as a new remittance venture to enable migrants to send money to family and friends back in the countries of East Africa. Dahabshiil has grown to be the largest African money transfer business operating in 126 countries across the world, 40 of which are in Africa. It remains a business committed to its original values of trust, reliability, integrity and customer-focus.

In addition to serving individual customers, Dahabshiil offers money transfer and banking services to businesses and international organisations, including the United Nations, World Bank, Oxfam and Save the Children. They rely on Dahabshiil to provide payment services to their staff, contractors, government institutions and partner NGOs. The United Nations describes Dahabshiil’s services as ‘the only safe and efficient option to transfer funds to projects’.
About American Refugee Committee

The American Refugee Committee has provided humanitarian assistance and training to millions of beneficiaries over the past 35 years.

The American Refugee Committee is an international nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that has provided humanitarian assistance and training to millions of beneficiaries over the last 35 years. ARC works with refugee communities in 11 countries around the world, helping people regain control of their lives. The people ARC serves have lost everything to events completely beyond their control. ARC provides shelter, clean water and sanitation, health care, skills training, microcredit education, protection and whatever support we can to let people begin again.

To their Mission

ARC works with its partners and constituencies to provide opportunities and expertise to refugees, displaced people and host communities. We help people survive conflict and crisis and rebuild lives of dignity, health, security and self-sufficiency. ARC is committed to the delivery of programs that ensure measurable quality and lasting impact for the people we serve.

their Annual Report

ARC’s Annual Report focuses on the major crises and issues of 2013 and highlights ARC’s activities around the world.

The ARC Board of Directors

The American Refugee Committee’s Board of Directors is a diverse group of business and community leaders who provide the leadership and expertise that guide ARC programs around the world.

Senior Management Team

ARC’s Senior Management Team provides leadership and support to more than 2,000 ARC staff members in 10 countries around the world.

Financial Information

ARC takes financial responsibilities very seriously. Money Magazine, Reader’s Digest Magazine, and the American Institute of Philanthropy have all recognized the efficiency of our programs.