Taiwanese companies eyeing their biggest Investments in Somaliland

Hargeisa (SLpost)- A Taiwan business delegation is currently in Somaliland to explore bilateral cooperation opportunities in various areas.

The delegation, consisting of representatives from AFTA Technology Company and Central Sky International Trading, arrived late last month and visited the Ministry of Investment and Industrial Development and Ministry of Trade and Tourism on Sunday to discuss key issues regarding investment and trade.

On Monday, the delegation visited the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, where it had a “fruitful conversation” with Director General Fowsi Mohamed Farah about application procedures, taxes, and corporate social responsibilities for mining. The group also visited the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce and met with Secretary General Ibrahim Ismail Elmi and representatives from local companies such as Somtuna Fishing Company.

The two parties exchanged views and sought opportunities for cooperation in minerals, livestock, and fisheries.

Taiwan and Somaliland are already cooperating in healthcare, information and communication technology, and agriculture. The two countries are also in talks to collaborate on natural resource extraction.

In March, Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs officials met with counterparts in Somaliland at the Ministry of Energy and Materials in Hargeisa to discuss joint resource development projects. Somaliland is rich in oil, minerals, and other raw materials.

Taiwan and Somaliland forged closer ties in 2020, mutually setting up representative offices in Taipei and Hargeisa.

Source: Taiwan News