Somaliland police confirms arrests of two terrorist suspects

The Somaliland Police Chief, Mohamed Aden Saqadhi, aka Dabagale, has confirmed the arrest of two terrorist suspects who arrived in Somaliland. The police chief, however, refrained from disclosing the identity of the arrested individuals.

According to Dabagale, the suspects were apprehended based on reports provided by vigilant citizens and commended the citizens who came forward and reported their suspicions to the police. The police chief emphasized the importance of citizen participation in maintaining a secure environment and encouraged the public to remain vigilant.

Dabagale’s announcement coincided with his call for the public to celebrate the forthcoming national day, which holds great significance for the people of Somaliland. He urged citizens to partake in the festivities while remaining cautious and proactive in identifying any suspicious activities.

Also, he highlighted the crucial role that the community plays in assisting law enforcement and advised individuals to promptly report any observed threats or potential dangers to the country.

As the national day approaches, security measures have been strengthened across the country. The police force has increased its presence and surveillance to ensure the safety of public gatherings and celebrations which are taking place on Thursday.