Somaliland: GPE approves major new funding for teachers’ salaries

EU_FlagNairobi (SLpost)- The Global Partnership for Education, the only multilateral partnership devoted to getting all children in school to receive a good quality education, had just approved significant grants which will provide a major boost to efforts to get more children in Somaliland into the classroom.

The grants of 4.2 million USD for Somaliland mainly be used to support the Ministry of Education to develop methods of paying regular teacher salaries. This will mean that more primary school teachers, both male and female, will be paid by the authorities and the number of teachers is expected to rise.

The GPE partners include developing countries, multilateral organizations, donors, the private sector, teachers, civil society/NGOs, and private foundations. GPE convenes and builds consensus on education issues to help Governments develop effective education sector plans, and promote aid that is coordinated and aligned with these plans

“The Global Partnership for Education is looking forward to working with all partners in the education sector to help improve learning for all children, ” said Alice Albright, GPE’s Chief Executive Officer. “The two grants will finance essential activities in support of the education sector plans. It is important that, together, we ensure that every child-particularly vulnerable children can go to a school, have effective teachers, and learn so they can contribute to the development of their community and nation.”

“The number of children who do not get even a primary school education, particularly girls, is absolutely unacceptable,” said Sikander Khan, UNICEF Somalia/Somaliland Representative. “We are committed to providing equitable, quality education for every single child and the generous support of the Global Partnership for Education is a tremendous boost.”
A similar programmes of 2.1 million USD for Puntland and 8.2 million USD to support the finalization of Education Sector Plan, development of a teacher data base, support to the regional and district offices as well as support to the payment of teacher salaries in the South Central Zone is currently in process of being applied for by the Directorate of Education, Ministry of Human Development and Public Services in Mogadishu.

The GPE grant is channelled through UNICEF as the Managing Entity whilst the European Union (EU) is the Coordinating Agency (CA). The Education Sector Committee plays a vital role in the process.