Somaliland: A planned terrorist attack successfully thwarted by Security forces in Sool region

The Somaliland government has briefed the latest updates about a planned terrorist attack carried out by the LasAnod-based militias in the Sool region.

Below is a press release by Somaliland’s Ministry of Defense:

“The Ministry of Defense is issuing this press release to update the international community on a recent incident that took place in Somaliland. Earlier this morning, at approximately 3 am local time, a planned terrorist attack was successfully thwarted by our vigilant security forces.

According to the latest information, six individuals belonging to a terrorist group, who were plotting a suicide mission, prematurely detonated explosives in the village of Siixawle. This village is situated between Yagori and Samekaab, within the region of Sool and in close distance to Lascanod.”

“Tragically, two of the perpetrators lost their lives as a result of the premature detonation, while the remaining four managed to flee the scene.

This incident serves as a stark reminder that terrorist organizations continue to pose a threat to the peace and security of Somaliland and the surrounding region.”

“However, we assure our citizens and the international community that our security forces are constantly vigilant, closely monitoring the activities of these extremist groups.
The Ministry of Defense reiterates its commitment to maintaining the peace and stability of Somaliland. We will not allow these acts of terror to disrupt the tranquility and progress we have achieved.

Our security forces remain steadfast in their dedication to protecting our citizens and ensuring their safety.”

“We urge the international community to stand together in the fight against terrorism and extremism. Collaboration and shared intelligence are vital in our collective efforts to counter these threats effectively.”

The Ministry of Defense will continue to provide updates as the investigation progresses.
We appreciate the support and solidarity extended by our international partners during this critical time.”