The bloody Test…..

He came from Europe for the first time since his childhood hoping to get to know his country, Somaliland and probably get married a local decent cool girl if possible. So optimistic and willing to settle down with a local cultured girl that he can find during his stay in Hargeisa. Few weeks passed but nothing serious yet, few months he met this gorgeous girl through other friends and the moment he set an eye on her, he knew this was his soulmate he has been looking for so long.
Phone numbers exchanged, information shared and dating started. Soon enough, she had the same feelings and things developed into some serious business until the day they both agreed to get married.
As preparations for the big day started, she had one last demand and that was the condition for the things to move on. It was not an easy one but not a bad idea either.
She asked him to do HIV test before the engagement or else, she is not going to marry him at all. To his shock, he tried to convince her that things are Ok and he trusts her well-being and she should do the same as nothing is wrong with him at all. Understandably yes but she insisted the test as she specifically told him that she does not trust those people coming from outside who God knows what they did and who the messed with.
Farah agreed to the condition and it was time they both had to go to the hospital and do the bloody test which went fine and the laboratory guys told them to come back for the results the very next day.
Time to pick up the results but as she had some other engagements to attend, she told him to go alone and get them then they can meet later in the day.
As soon as he got the results it was clear that one of them is HIV positive, and surprisingly it is her, the lady, the one insisted this whole thing, the one who do not trust those Diaspora people who have been roaming around the globe, yes, this time, it was her that is HIV positive.
The poor guy felt the universe on his head, shocked, frozen and could not believe his eyes. He lost his highly ambitions once, disappointed second, surprised and on top of that just wanted to disappear from the earth. But on the other hand, something whisper to his ears about how lucky is he to know the truth and appreciate the fact that they actually did the test.
He went straight to the airline office, changed his ticket and left the same day without even getting back to the girl.
But he left a message for the girl, a very confidential sealed letter which read:
“Hi Honey, Sorry I didn’t get back to you in person but I had to leave the country immediately. You are right and we cannot be trusted. The results showed that I am HIV positive and that is why I had to leave the country. Sorry to disappoint you and good luck with your life. I left 3000 Dollars for you in the envelope to help you with your expenses. Thanks and love you”
Witnesses said they saw her throwing parties and telling everyone that she is lucky and God loves her that she survived from that deadly disease.
Rooble Mohamed
Hargeisa, Somaliland