Somaliland Is Under Attack!

The Republic of Somaliland is under attack by multiple terroristic forces, unionist groups as well as armed and hostile clan militias. All those evil forces have three common goals in mind:

(1) To disturb and disintegrate the peace, stability, and development that Somaliland had been building for the last 30 years;
(2) To inflict maximum reputational damage on Somaliland’s international standing as the most peaceful country in the Horn of Africa;
(3) To resume and conclude the second phase of their barbaric “Final Solution & Genocidal Project” against the people of Somaliland from the point where they left it in the years 1988, 89, and 90.

All those crime-in-partner groups were actively sponsored and incited by traditional leaders from Sool who at the moment clearly changed into clan warlords.

Furthermore, our country, people, and government are also under constant attack by malicious and multiple social media propaganda and misinformation war machine, lead by Somaliland haters groups at a global scale.

The prime intention of all those digital platforms is not only to mislead the international community about the factual situation on the ground in Las Anod but also they are willingly aimed to incite, encourage, and constantly feed those in the battleground such as AS terrorist groups, armed clan militias and clan-leaders changed into clan-warlords.

No matter what Somaliland’s enemies and their supporters believe, no matter the fake news and baseless propaganda spread by Somaliland’s antagonists: the bottom line is that Somaliland is not the aggressor; Somaliland is not a country at war with its own people; but instead, Somaliland is deliberately attacked by multiple terrorist groups.

The more the enemies attack and conspire against the people and country of Somaliland, the more our people become stronger and more resilient.

We, the people of Somaliland are a nation intertwined by unique historical ties, a sense of nationalism, cultural pride, and superb natural heroic instinct which enable us to annihilate our enemies when it matters, once and for all!


By Hussien Deyr