Somaliland: Quite a Place to Be

I first came to know about Somaliland through a friend who was already living here.

It had been long since I communicated with her, a somalilander of Kenyan origin whom I knew and grew up with in Eldoret, Kenya and when we did make contact, she told me she was in a place called Hargeisa, Somaliland where she asked me to join her since there were job opportunities especially for teachers just like myself.

To me, there was only one Somalia. A Somalia that people killed each other with bombings here and there every day with no peace at all based on what the media tells us back at home, Kenya. And so for that reason I refused to join her because apparently I was not ready to die yet.

She explained to me how Somaliland was different from Somalia and even told me to Google it. So I did my research and found out it was true, a small self declared country called Somaliland existed. But still I was adamant about joining her because to me it was still Somalia.

After too much insisting from her I decided to accept her invitation and pay her a visit for just some few days then go back home. Upon my arrival everything was just okay but I was still trying to be careful just in case someone threw a bomb and then we all die and like I said I was not ready to die. Read more Somaliland

Source: Somalilandsun