Somaliland is not part of the elections in Somalia-FM



HARGEISA– Somaliland authority has strongly responded to a statement made by the Somali Federal Government yesterday (20th October).

Somalia stated in a press release after holding a consultative forum in Mogadishu for 2016 elections by saying that Somaliland should participate the general elections.

Somali government and regional administrations attended the meeting.

Somaliland’s minister of foreign affairs, Mohamed Bihi Yonis has said that Somaliland has nothing to do with the elections in Somalia.

The FM went on to say that the statement is not binding and does not concern Somaliland’s statehood.

He reminded that Somaliland has been an independent state over the past 25 years and held series of elections which the international community hailed.

Mr. Bihi has added further that the two states are holding series of talks aimed that the two states can peacefully secede from each other and that they will leave in peace side by side.

He revealed that Somaliland’s elections are slated to happen in 2017 and the world is fully aware of that.

Somaliland has seceded from Somalia in 1991 after faced with years of brutal dictatorial leardership from Siad Barre regime.

Although it is a state that is functioning but lacks an international recognition which will be to the advantage of both world security and most of all to Somaliland’s development and well being.