Somaliland Government Should Interfere Private Universities Fee That They Impose to Students

Somaliland was Country within civil war, people encompassed gun instead pen and it grasped time collect weapons from warlord.  Also educators and scholars departed from the country and teachers were shortage in number. Indeed, over year of rebuild Education Institutions have been much obscuring.  Gathering education material and teachers were complicated. Furthermore,  struggling to rebuild its infrastructure after years of civil war. We know that Somaliland saw its first university inaugurated in 1998 and has been steadily building its higher education system ever since. While significant challenges remain, higher education is booming as each year thousands of school-leavers pin their hopes on the country’s universities and colleges.


Currently, more than twenty universities are in Somaliland regions, most of them are private. Every universities boast special fee schedule; they are tuition fee maker because the government neglects to interfere at all. So Tuition fees of private universities are too high. But that does not mean that students who are studying in them come from wealthy families. Most are coming from middle and lower middle class families. They resort to private universities because the seats of public universities are limited. Considering the market demand, the number of such universities has increased in recent times. The families of the students have to stretch far to fund the tuition fees by working extra times, selling properties or receiving Diaspora fund. They do it with the hope that their kids will do better than them in the future and won’t have to struggle like them.


Finally, I recommend the government to play part in fee making, and they should imperative policy of fee. And they have to provide same college fee schedule to all private universities, in limit that much close to public universities fee.