Sheikh yusuf Al knoanei was born in Arabian peninsula in 1280 AD, he arrived in somaliland during 14th century, when he came to somaliland, sheikh yusuf started to spread Islam in somaliland, he is known by various names such as Al knoanei or aw Barkhadle.

He played an important role in spreading Islam in Somaliland and even in east Africa.

Al Knoanei settled at historical place called aw Barkhadle, it lies thirty kilometer east of Hargaysa along the main road between Berbera and Hargaysa,Sheikh yusuf built koranic school and religious centre in that place.

The natives of Somaliland sent their children to aw Barkhadle to gain Islamic knowledge, the learners
met some problems from Arabic literacy, Alknoanei had learn the Somali language and tried to solve the problems, he invented new system of Arabic literacy and pronounced and recited in Somali language.

This method was easier than Arabic phonetic, it’s now widely known in Somaliland and in the neighboring countries as well, this example of Somali phonetic system introduced by sheikh yusuf Alknoanei here are the expressions

·         Alf la kor dhabay

·         Alf la hoos dhabay

·         Alf laa Goday

This system really simplified learning Koren and Arabic language, sh yusuf died and was buried in aw Barkhadle

Prepared by  Cabdilaahi Cismaan Cabdi (Cabdilaahi Gadhle)