Musa Bihi Is Voted and what happens next?- Abdirahman Ibrahim

Mr. Musa Bihi is elected by the Somaliland Kulmiye party central committee for the candidate of the president of Somaliland elections to be held in 2017. He is concerned with the unity, sovereignty, peace and progress of the nation and will pursue to strengthen it until these pillars are hard-edged. The Kulmiye party leadership will use locally available expertise in drafting short and long term strategy and plans to strengthen unity, peace and progress   before the party takes over the power again for another term of office. This time around,  the focus  will  be among others  free press, human rights, good governance, strengthening democratic institutions, judiciary system capacity or capability in    exercising independent and impartial authority services, food self-sufficiency, job creation, manufacturing of locally available raw materials,  good quality education and delivery of good quality health services.

It is the perfect time than ever to have a person like him in Somaliland because along the way he has grown treasured experience that made him his political know-how to maturity together with sacrifices that he paid for the independence of this nation and later for strengthening unity and sovereignty of the country. There is no way to worry about the unity, peace, sovereignty of this country rather the country will be united and will not be divided. Mr. Musa Bihi will not revenge against any citizen and of course    there will be no arrest for any politicians who went against him.  By the way,   He made it clear that he would heal the wounds by going to each and every politicians ‘residence to seek harmony and comfort within the party spheres because the paradise of politics lay under the people’s feet.

Mr. Musa Bihi beliefs in democracy where each and every citizen has the right to choose to have their own leader and political party to whom they may wish and he is also of the view correspondingly the right to access free press but it should be in accordance with  our existing law. He will preserve for nationals’ rights and will not take away any one of those privileges from the people. On the other hand, citizens have an obligation to exercise these rights peacefully, with respect for the law. They are also indebted to   offer ideas, enriching democratic institutions, rule of the law and governance.

Mr. Musa Bihi will maintain democracy by holding the freest and fairest elections ever held  in Somaliland. Nevertheless, the Somaliland  electoral system require not only transparent system  and good management on the day of elections  but also a   participation of the citizens  to collaborate with the government in fulfilling its responsibility in  preparing  a conducive  environment for holding elections. Thus, every citizen should take ID and voter card to make sure that mechanisms for free and fair elections are in place well before the Election Day and the government machinery should be accelerated in delivering    ID and Voter card which is a essential component for any elections to be held in the country.

We expect also from him  to find ways and means to create jobs for jobless youths as potentialities exist in our economies. Earlier, job creation was not on the top of the agenda for most of the leaders seen    and I hope that Mr. Musa Bihi will change that approach and youth will get  the attentions required.

There are opportunity in our country for instance manufacturing for locally available raw materials, e.g.  Cement, leather, milk and meat and much more. Had local business community been seized this opportunity, the sector would have employed more people. Hence, it would have been more beneficial for the stakeholders in the sector.

I expect from Mr.  Musa Bihi to come up in advance with good leadership, determination, consistency,   policies that will have an impact not only for the above mentioned but also for each and every sector in the government.

Furthermore, The country at the this moment is not food self-sufficient, We rely entirely food imports and that is not good, We should change this trend by pooling whatever handy  both  capital  and human to attain food self-sufficiency and that could be possible if we bring more lands under cultivation, there is also a need a to enhance  the existing crop yield which is very much lower than the standard and   seek to diversify crops   and raise  animals  using modern techniques to achieve  sufficient meat and milk for local and  foreign markets.  The other sectors, for instance health and education need also the same attention.

Therefore, the temptation that Mr. Musa Bihi can’t possibly cannot win in the upcoming elections is dangerously naïve. The forces that have driven Musa Bihi to the Kulmiye leadership are very real, and will change Somaliland politics in profound ways. The rank and file party members will be strong and together they can meet with any challenges ahead and there is no need to be scary about him, he will better manage the country.





Abdirahman Ibrahim Abdilahi