Legendary Somali Artist, King of Uod, Dies of Covid-19 in London


Somali musical pioneer Ahmed Ismail Hussein has passed away in London after being infected with Coronavirus, it was announced on Wednesday.

“Today the Somali community around the world has lost a hero – Ahmed Ismail Hussein Hudeydi – one of the founding fathers of modern Somali music lost to COVID19. I am utterly devastated,” UK-based researcher Hana Ali tweeted.

“The Kayd Somali Arts and Culture family are deeply saddened by the passing of Ahmed Ismail Hussein ‘Hudeydi’- one of the greatest Somali musicians of all time.”

Ali, who is a director at the Kayd arts organization, said Hussein, also known as Hudeydi, 92 years of age, had moved to London in the early 90s during the Somali civil war, and his home was a cultural hub for all artists and young people.

Born in Berbera in 1928, Hudeydi spent his childhood and teenage years in Yemen’s city of Aden.

He later returned to Somaliland, his homeland, where, according to Ali, “he changed the face of Somali music forever.”

On the other hand, the president of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi sends condolence to the family, artists and all Somali people for the death of the legendary Somali artist.

The president described him pioneering pillar of the Contemporary Somali arts and literature alongside Ali Sugulle Egal (Dun Arbeed), Abdilahi Qarshe and his teacher Abdi Xandule Shanle.


Source: Somalilandpost and Agencies