KULMIYE IN TWO CAMPS: A Real Challenge to Siillanyo


The ruling party’s disintegration into two groups will have yield negative consequences on the party and the country as well. The protracted and intermittent dispute between the influential figures of the party who were always disagree over the party’s future candidate for the presidency had surprisingly escalated into what seems irreversible division.  Two camps of opposing camps have formed within the party that each is accusing the other of inciting unrest in the party. More than ten ministers and other important officials announced their resignation in a bid to maintain pressure on the president whom they accuse of siding with one camp of the rivals.
The resigned ministers were the most prominent ones in the government who held key ministries and their resignation is major blow to the government and the ruling party as well. If the president does not take further strides in order to retrieve the faith of those resigned officials, the government and the party will fade away in chaos and unrest. According to the populace in Somaliland the president is an elderly and venerated statesman whose words and actions should reflect of impartiality and leadership. The president should not underestimate the scale of this disagreement. Frankly, the ministers who vacated their positions were the right wings of the president and his vehicles for the election campaign if he is ready for second term election.

If the president is not willing for second term election and simply wants to quit the presidency after the extended term administered by the House of Elders expires in the beginning 2017, in that case it is praiseworthy and impressive. On the other hand, there are signs of what likely seems to be an indication of worsening situation and suspicion. The majority of newly nominated ministers are inexperienced trainees with inadequate knowledge to what they have to do. What is more they think that they are pleasing the president as far as they verbally abuse their predecessors. Is this what they are selected for? The dirty words brattled by the young inexperienced newly appointed minister of industries against the former Somaliland minister of Finance clearly indicate that those novice ministers are ignorant about the road map of the Presidents’ policy. The president can save his reputation and credibility at this transitional period if he mains emphasis on sustaining commitment, impartiality, accountability and transparency.


Abdirahman Omar Hussein

Freelance Researcher and Activist 

                                         BA in Mass Communication

                                         MA International Relations