Can the Somalilanders trust this government to hold a free and fair election? The answer is simply NO


Considering the actions or inaction in response to the recent events such as the indiscriminate selling of public property, failing to meet the election deadline, constant lame and unnecessary arguments in the parliament by their hegemon, the inability to even hold regional soccer tournaments, and the latest scandal about Kulmiye Party’s candidate, just to name a few, the current government can not be trusted to hold free and fair elections in Somaliland.

Without pointing the finger to any particular department, this government has proven time and time again that it is not capable in managing its natural duties and needs to be replaced in timely fashion.


In other words, the government of today in Somaliland is inept, corrupted and inadequate to govern.

Therefore, it’s imperative for the opposition parties, the Parliament, the House of Elders, and any concerned citizen of Somaliland to organize shared political discourse in order to save Somaliland before it’s too late.


The following item of discussion, in my opinion, should be emphasized in public discourse; how to form a caretaker government or a national unity government, which will pave the way or will prepare the environment, whereby free and fair elections can take place. Failing to do so will undoubtedly take us back into the dark road of the past.


To give this point an edge, the mentality of individual interest or organized groups has no place in this venture. Political heavyweights that molded this government have already resigned because of the president’s illegal meddling in the Kulmiye Party’s internal politics, by supporting one individual candidate over another. And we do not have the time to deal with political novices and a new class of junior ministers to practice or play with our future.


God bless Somaliland Ali Jama  (