Musa Bihi Blames Information Minister for his Past Deadly Remark




In a turn of recent events the Chairman of the ruling political party and candidate for the Presidential nomination of the Party Musa Bihi Abdi has accused a fellow party member and cabinet minister for his haunted past. On Monday night (October 5th) Chairman Musa Bihi Abdi was a guest of Horn Cable TV’s live series for the public taking questions from young Somaliland citizens. One of the young participants of the program asked Musa Bihi what he meant about the deadly and threatening statement “Anigo wax dili kara duco qaadan maayo” he made when he was the Interior Minister of Somaliland during the country’s brief civil conflict in the 1990’s. Musa Bihi then placed the blame on fellow Kulmiye Central Committee member who is also the Minister of Information Abdullahi Dahir Cukuse and said he is the reason why my statement is popular today. Musa Bihi Abdi claimed that Mr.Cukuse created the whole problem by changing the video and what he was really saying. It is well known that is far from the truth, also Musa Bihi should have not put the blame on his fellow Kulmiye Party central committee member and a current minister of the Kulmiye Government. Real leadership means accepting your mistakes. God forbid, if Musa Bihi becomes President, will he blame his cabinet ministers and his party for his mistakes? We will all have to stay tuned now to see how Minister Cukuse and Kulmiye party members will react.


** “Anigoo wax dili kara duco qaadan maayo” loosely translates to “If I am capable of killing I wont accept any reconciliation”. This remark was made at a time where peace was badly needed in Somaliland. Does the ruling Kulmiye party really want to elect a Presidential candidate with such a haunted past and violent tendencies??**



Mukhtar Haji Ali