101The ignorant always thinks he can cheat the people all the time and he lives in a sea of lie and deceit. In many times the so called  Minister of Presidency the man short of intelligency, knowledge and tact, tried to decive the public by telling lie after lie.
Today he did the mother of all lies, he told us that he met Crown Prince Abdulazis Al-Saudi as reported by the government owned newspaper, The Horn Tribune VoL II/Issue 1086 of Sunday 10 August 2014.
The name is unknown but we know that the Saudi Crown Prince is Prince Salman Abdulazis.Then in Hersi sponsored website Somaliland Today it said Hersi met Prince Abdirahman Abdulazis in the official palace of the kingdom. Even the goverment mouth piece cannot agree on the name. Then the lie continued in much bigger size, now it says Hersi met the King himself..King Abdirahman..!!!!!…(Geestiis Boqor Cabdiraxmaan ayaaa)….. and talked about bilateral relations of the two countries.
I checked who Abdulrahman Bin Abdulaziz is and found that he is a  renegade prince who was shortly appointed as deputy Minister of Avialtion and who is fired and is a renegade prince hostile to the king. Hersi is boasting that he met  a man accused of treason in Saudi Arabia and told us he discussed with him about bilateral issues. Worst of all he have written in English and published through the internet for the whole world to read his lies.
This will affect the Saudi-Somaliland relationship negatively and may be accused of collaborating with a renegade personality of the royal family. 
here is abstract from wikipedia
Abdul Rahman bin Abdulaziz was relieved from his post as deputy minister on 5 November 2011. Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported that he was dismissed by King Abdullah after being unhappy at being bypassed for selection as Crown Prince in favor of late Prince Nayef and subsequently refusing to declare allegiance for the latter.[8] It is further reported that he argued he should have been promoted.[9]


Prince Abdul Rahman is considered to have been unhappy with the succession arrangement and Prince Nayef‘s appointment as Crown Prince. He was reported to have expressed his concerns about the formation of the Allegiance Council in 2007. Although nearly all surviving sons of King Abdulaziz supported the new arrangement, only he expressed his protests about it. The reason for his protests was seen as the fact that he was next in age after then-Crown Prince Sultan. Because the new arrangement regarding succession is not based on seniority but on merits. Prince Salman, who is his younger full brother and the referee in family disputes, is reported to have met with Prince Abdul Rahman and told him to “shut up “.[10]
Before that Hersi took a photo of his own inside the Haram Museum and told us he is the first Somaliland Minister who visited the Museum. Once more another cheap lie. The Museum is open for all the public and many common people attend daily.    
The picture is enough to prove this foolish lie. The meeting is held, in what the paper called The KIngs Palace. Is this poorly furnished small room the Palace of the The king or that of the Crown Prince?
 Abdi Haji Ahmed