Somalilanders Deserve To Celebrate And Be Proud ~ By Mohamed Ali Muse

Maxamed Cali MuuseSomaliland has been under the radar for almost 22 years and the International Communities have given a high mark by keeping the peace and having a government with all essential institutions. It has established a political system with some flows but working. It proved to the World that a small country like Somaliland survives so long with almost no resources and outside help.

From 1991 up to the present, Somaliland is getting better in governing, in politics, in infrastructure, and mostly in business. Although the system and power-sharing is not perfect, Somaliland has endured so many ups and downs, and it is too late to abandon our achievements. If Somaliland has survived so many years without recognition and support from the International Communities, it is sure that Somaliland would endure more. Somaliland needs patience and perseverance in order to achieve its dreams.

There is no comparison between South and Somaliland. The South is a wild region where the strongest prays on the weak. The people in those parts of Somalia are getting more ruthless, crazier, and more power hungry. From Kismayo to Bosaso, so many clans are fighting for power and want to eliminate each other. If the International Communities are sincere about helping Somalia, they would have done a feasibility study first and secondly understand the magnitude of the division of the Southerners.  The fact is that International Communities are choking and not being serious. If we look into the overview of Southerner politics and divisions, Somalilanders should be scared to death let alone contemplating unity.

Somalilanders from all walks of life have to understand that the Union was a curse upon them and the ultimate wrath would happen if they dare to go back. Why do somalilanders care for the union? Isn’t the past experience is enough? There are some people who are grumbling and making noises just to fulfill their greed and interest and are not concerned about Somaliland. The few individuals from Somaliland who assume themselves as intellectuals and professors and who advocate for the union are just doing that for their special interest and nothing more. But the rest of Somalianders have no home in the South. Somaliland has beaten the odds and has become an example to its neighbours, Africa, and other troubled countries.

The Independence Day, May 18th is almost here. A small number of Somalilanders are cursing this day but the rest have reason to celebrate it.  Those who curse this day are doing so on their own expenses and interest. Those who believe in Somaliland and know its history after 1960 and beyond have a reason to rejoice and salute those who sacrificed themselves for the sake of freedom that most of somalilanders have taken for granted. The spirit of the Independence Day is not only about Somaliland officially becoming a country but it is also a celebration of the common values, destiny, and interests of the whole. Injustices have been happening in Somaliland and the power-sharing is not absolute, however, in general Somalilanders deserve to be proud and to have fun and show patriotism by celebrating and watching fireworks. SOMALILAND, GO FORWARD AND DO NOT LOOK BACK

By Maxamad Cali Muuse ( North America )