Somaliland: President Muse Bihi Receives UN Special Envoy James Swan

The President of the Somaliland Republic, Muse Bihi Abdi, received the United Nations Special Envoy, Ambassador James Swan in Hargeisa today.
The President met with the new envoy, who recently took up his post in the region.
The delegation from the United Nations led by Ambassador Swan are in Somaliland to discuss areas of mutual interest, including democratic progress, UN funded programs, good governance and the general security in the Horn of Africa.
The new UN envoy, James Swan, is no stranger to Somaliland, having visited the country on numerous occasions whilst serving as the United Sates ambassador during the administration of former president, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud, “Siilaanyo”
The UN delegation are expected to meet with senior government officials, members of the Houses of Elders and Representatives, as well as, non-governmental, civil and business leaders.
The visit comes at the time when the Somaliland political parties reached a consensus, with the support of the EU ambassador, Nicolas Berlanga Martinez, on the issues pertaining to the forthcoming parliamentary and local elections.
Ali Mohamed Abokor