Somaliland: NEC Puts On Another Pantomime

The thoroughly discredited current Somaliland National Elections Commission (NEC) have put on another pantomime.

The voter registration and voting equipment have been tested once again, for the third time. The equipment works, the commission does not.

They are treating the voters of Somaliland as children, putting on these silly displays to justify their existence. Their term ends shortly, during five years they managed to earn good salaries and hold a single, solitary election! Nice work if you can get it.

Somalilanders know the equipment workers, our foreign donors know the equipment works, our international friends know the equipment works,even our opponents know the equipment works!

But, what we all know is that the current NEC doesn’t work, our political leadership doesn’t work, our legislative bodies do not work, and our political parties do not work.

Don’t tell us about the bloody equipment, do your job and hold the elections. Hubris!

Wa Bilaahi Tawfiiq

Ali Mohamed Abokor