President Ahmed Silaanyo: An Honest and Inspirational Leader who gave Voice to a Voiceless Nation.

Eng Hussein Adan EgehHE President Ahmed Silaanyo is a man whose life and legacy could not be contained with its shores. He is known as a symbol for wisdom, for ability to change and the power of reconciliation. He has dedicated his whole life to a dignified and righteous cause: the work of building hope, optimism and opportunity for Somaliland people where, before his administration came to power, too little of either existed. HE President Ahmed M. Mohamud (Silaanyo) was elected at a time when Somaliland was heading into the wrong direction and seemed that the people of Somaliland were leaving behind a period full of hope and expectations and entering an environment of fear and uncertainty. At a time when the need for change was highly inevitable, Mr. Ahmed Silaanyo became the second President of the Republic of Somaliland freely and fairly elected by the people of Somaliland. President Ahmed Silaanyo’s life and legacy is the biggest lesson, motivation, inspiration and commitment any Somaliland President can give to this great nation, the Republic of Somaliland.

A leader should be judged on the basis of his historical and political credentials, vision and moral conviction. When the existence and honour of our people were at stake, Ahmed Silaanyo is the man who acted and took a heroic and inevitable decision.He was the leader of those martyrs who began to act on the thought that something’s are worth to fight. The man affectionately called “Silaanyo” was the legendry leader of freedom fighter warriors who fought against a dictatorial regime built on repression and ethnic cleansing campaign against the civilian population of Somaliland. The SNM warriors under the leadership of Mr. Ahmed Silaanyo fought against (and finally defeated them) the mighty Somali Armed Forces that were then considered as one of the continent’s strongest army forces.

Ahmed Silaanyo was the ideological and inspirational leader of those freedom fighters who lost their lives not only for defending the existence and honour of their own people but also they laid dawn the roots and foundation of this great nation, the Republic of Somaliland. That is why I consider The President of The Republic of Somaliland as a Living Icon who represents the hope and legitimate aspirations of Somaliland people for ever-lasting freedom, self-determination and independence within the free nations of the world.

Our independence is sacred and non-negotiable

In pursuit for a better future for our country and people, the lessons from the past cannot be ignored. President Ahmed Silaanyo is someone who is extremely aware of the terrible historical facts of his people; he is someone who takes note of the mistakes made in the past, learns the lessons and then acts accordingly. One thing that friend and foe alike are agreed on is the fact that the independence and sovereignty of our country is sacred and non-negotiable. The president, his government members as well as the legislators of Somaliland’s lower and upper houses are fully aware of this fact and they are constitutionally and morally obliged to follow it. However, the government of President Ahmed Silaanyo is unwaveringly determined to remain actively involved to all major diplomatic fronts without compromising upon the sovereignty, integrity and independence of the Somaliland Republic as well as the aspirations and self-determination of its people.

In terms of development, confident, credibility and social advancement, President Ahmed Silaanyo has demonstrated by his deeds, words and actions that he is: anation builder and true democrat driven by fairness, compassion, care and devotion to duty. The President has developed a strong and positive relationship with the public and mainstream society; offering everybody a shared nationhood, a sense of belonging and equal social justice, regardless of their political colour or affiliation.


What President Ahmed Silaanyo makes truly a great leader is his moral fibre, conscience and broadmindedness. He lifted Somaliland’s case in a new level; he brought a new inspiring element of the much coveted and cherished ideals of Somaliland people as a free and independent nation at the centre of the world community. The electoral promise and commitment of his government towards the people and country has been beyond compare materialized. The President of The Republic of Somaliland promotes and encourages tirelessly the values, history and roots we share as a nation as we also cherish the same fate and future. The President stressed countless times that the things that unite us and keep our people together are far more important than those factors that might divide us or the things that we may hold different views. We owe to him an eternal gratitude and we will always remember and honour him for his heroic acts.


May ALLAH (SXWT) protect and bless the Republic of Somaliland and its Noble People


By: |Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr | Birmingham, UK|