Over 177,000 pilgrims arrive from non-Arab Africa

MAKKAH: A total of 177,426 pilgrims from 46 non-Arab African countries have so far arrived in Saudi Arabia to perform Haj, the chairman of the board of directors of the Tawafa Establishment for Non-Arab African Pilgrims announced Tuesday.

Abdul Wahid Seifuddin said 142,134 of them arrived from Madinah after paying homage to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and praying at his mosque, while 128,043 arrived in Makkah directly from Jeddah.

He said 33 field teams from his establishment would be serving the pilgrims, providing them with all facilities to enable them to perform Haj in ease and comfort.

He said all arrangements were completed to receive the pilgrims in Mina on Friday, to ascend with them to Arafat on Saturday and then to Muzdalifah after sunset the same day.

Seifuddin said 19,000 fire-resistant tents had been erected in Arafat, which were properly furnished and supplied with enough quantities of water and refreshments for the pilgrims.

He said the tents in Arafat had been supplied with 10,000 thermos containing cool water, 4,500 garbage bins, 3,000 fire extinguishers and other facilities.

Courtesy: Arab News