Celebrating Somaliland’s Commitment to Democracy and Independence: A Reflection on the Somaliland Strategic Advisor Group Conference

On a momentous day in Washington DC, the Somaliland Strategic Advisor Group convened a conference to showcase the achievements of Somaliland in its pursuit of independence, sovereignty, and democratic governance. The event, held annually on May 18th, served as a reminder that despite our differences when we come together as one, we can overcome any obstacle. The conference not only celebrated the remarkable progress made by Somaliland but also reaffirmed the commitment to unity and the collective responsibility to build a prosperous nation.

Somaliland’s Journey to Independence:

Somaliland’s quest for independence began in 1991 when it declared itself separate from Somalia following a devastating civil war. Since then, the people of Somaliland have worked tirelessly to establish their own democratic institutions, promote peace, and maintain stability within their borders. The conference highlighted the significant strides made by Somaliland in building a functional state, underpinned by democratic principles and respect for human rights.

Congressman Gerry Connolly, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee

Demonstrating Commitment to Democratic Governance:

One of the key themes of the conference was Somaliland’s unwavering commitment to democratic governance. The country has held multiple peaceful and transparent elections, including presidential, parliamentary, and local elections, which have been widely recognized as free and fair. Somaliland’s commitment to democratic processes and institutions has fostered political stability, enabling the government to effectively address the needs and aspirations of its citizens.

Peace and Stability as Cornerstones of Somaliland:

Another aspect emphasized during the conference was Somaliland’s remarkable success in maintaining peace and stability within its borders. In a region often plagued by conflicts and instability, Somaliland stands out as an oasis of tranquility. The government and the people have actively pursued reconciliation and peacebuilding efforts, promoting dialogue and inclusivity as means to resolve disputes and maintain social harmony. The conference showcased these initiatives as a testament to Somaliland’s dedication to fostering a peaceful and stable environment for its citizens.

He was delighted by Somalilanders’ commitment to Statehood

Celebrating Diversity and Unity:

The conference not only commemorated Somaliland’s independence but also recognized the strength that lies in the country’s diversity. Somaliland is home to a rich tapestry of ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. It is this diversity that adds vibrancy and resilience to the nation. The conference served as a call for all Somalilanders, both at home and abroad, to unite and work together for the betterment of their nation, embracing their differences and forging a collective identity.

Honoring the Sacrifices:

As Somaliland celebrated May 18th, the conference paid tribute to the sacrifices made by those who fought for independence. It was an opportunity to reflect on the resilience and determination of the Somaliland people throughout their history. By honoring their sacrifices, the conference aimed to inspire present and future generations to continue the arduous task of nation-building, guided by the principles of inclusivity, justice, and prosperity.


The Somaliland Strategic Advisor Group Conference held in Washington DC provided a platform to showcase Somaliland’s remarkable journey towards independence, sovereignty, and democratic governance. It celebrated the country’s commitment to peace, stability, and unity, emphasizing the significance of diversity in shaping a stronger nation. The conference reminded Somalilanders of their collective responsibility to build an inclusive, just, and prosperous nation, upholding the values for which they fought. As Somaliland continues to progress, events like these serve as crucial milestones in the ongoing pursuit of a brighter future.

Thank you,
Abdulrasaq Cadami
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