Since the devastative and volcanic civil wars erupted in Somalia, the dark-age is reborn in 1977, were rivers of youths’ blood spilled, massacres occurred in many cities, the civilisation of Somala is doomed and yet people are still asking themselves the cause and the casualties.

But one thing is certain, that several individuals got highly ambitious, mixed up capitalism and communism ideology as they followed wrong routes and used wrong tools or methods such as bribery, trait, killing, spread of rumours, tribal propaganda, assassinations, destruction of social cohesion, and manipulation of youths.

mahboutUntil the situation worsened and everyone fled to the neighbouring countries, some immigrated to far east and far west of the world and the country is being broken down into many states, tribes as hatred being spread within the Somala. ‘Thanks to the New Somali Social Medias, such as Universal, HCTV, Somali Chanel, etcetera, who made easy to answer some of the miserable and mysterious questions.’

But one question still remained unanswered, Why? Why? Why? This question could not be answered, until the remained warlords being held accountable to the bloodsheds, as they only can dig the graves full of secrets, without these interrogations then the pain of Somala will not ease and the souls of innocence victims will not rest nor purified and until those who are claiming up for being heroes being proven guilty , and yet they can’t face the truth and still hiding behind  false flags, while all Somala people are calling help and crying for unity.

Based on the facts and evidences gathered, then AwDAL State of Somalia in cooperation with the other Somali States, together we condemn the acts of evil committed by the Dictatorship regime in Somalia, the same and much more worse we together condemn the SNM, USC, SSDF, SDA warlords, because they worsened the situation, while calling themselves saviours, as they created new era called the loss civilisation “ an era from military regime to militia states” and the existence of Somala is already at the edge of being a history.

Puntland and South Central Somalia  accepted the challenges, eradicated the leaders of SSDF and USC while some held themselves accountable of the damages, as they fled from the country forever, some being killed and some shot themselves and died with honour. But most shockingly and most surprisingly SNM and few SDA leaders still call themselves leaders and campaigning for presidency, while rejecting the truth of the bloodsheds in Burco, BerBera, Hargiasa, Borama, Dilla, Lasanod, Cerigabo and yet walking freely at home and in the western metropolitan cities.

But the victims of these militias, will not rest and request justice from the international community. Soon these criminal cases, massacres, genocide, murders will be raised to the international criminal court The Hague and yet justice will be served as usual and these troubled souls will rest in peace.

In conclusion, Somali States support and call for a collective debates, dialogues and  communiques between all the Somali States based on land and ethics without the representatives of the militias SNM, SDA, SSDF, USC leaders, and debates only led by the Somali Federal Government, his excellency Hassan Shekh Mohmoud and The Prime Minister His Honour Abdi Weli Sheikh, who will be accountable to the transparency and to the general development of each state and these dialogues to be backed up by the United Nations Security Council with respect to the credentials of the Somali Government and the credentials of each Somali state ‘’starting with the credentials of AwDAL State of Somalia and Ending with the credentials of Jubba State of Somalia’’ i.e. Therefore all Somali states credentials to be submitted to the Somali Federal Government and as soon as possible.


Abdi Rahman Hamud Alleel

BSc, BSc, Eng, MSc, PGCE, LLB