The Somalia – Somaliland Dialogue and Punland’s Deception on the Peace Process. By Mohamoud Arrale

The current on-going dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia is a controversial issue and it has divided the opinion of the people into two packs. One crowd (majority) is in-favour of the dialogue while the other set is not at ease with the discourse.

In this dialogue at least the is one benefit for Somaliland: the generations who born after 1960  in both sides are appreciated now  that Somaliland and Somalia were two different countries which united  and chosen to be called Somali Republic in their Union in July 1960.

However, the first set or those who are in favour of the talks differ in their ultimate objectives and each group wants to persuade the other in a cordial way: The people in the south of Somalia are supportive of the union whereas, quite the opposite, those in Somaliland are asking for their recognition from their counterpart in the south and from the international community.

On the other hand, the latter crowd who is disconcerted to the kick off the Somalia –Somaliland dialogue, sees itself as a political loser if the current initiative bears fruits in one way or the other (Re-union or recognition). Therefore, in this article I would like to reveal the deliberate manoeuvring of Dr Abdirahman Faroole, the president of Puntland who fit in to this disconcerted crowd.

ever since the British Government hosted the London conference on Somalia in February 2012 and that dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia came into the agenda, the leader of Puntland was singing the blues as he spared no effort to get the attention of International community, by playing games and making frantic statements to pave the way for Puntland to be included in the process of Somaliland – Somalia Dialogue as an equal entity. He ranted to barricade any direct negotiation between Somaliland and the TFG of Somalia.  However, it is apparent that the Puntland administration is neither recognises Somaliland official borders as they claim some districts of Sanaag, Sool and Buhoodle of Somaliland nor respects the right of the TFG over his Majeerteenia regions in both the national and international levels.

On 19th of June 2012, as Dr Faroole is fighting with his teeth to sabotage the on-going peace dialogue, he submitted a complain letter entitled TFG-Somaliland Dialogue to Chevening House meeting  held  on 20-21 June 2012 (can be searched on The letter was addressed to the  UK ambassador to Somalia,  The EU Special Envoy to Horn of Africa and the Norwegian ambassador to Kenya and also copied to the president and the prime minister of the TFG, Dr Mohiga,  The S. Rep. of AU Commission to Somalia and Finally to the US Rep. To Somalia. But this letter was not copied to Somaliland.

The substance of the letter or the message it has carried can be summarized in two points a) the claim of some parts of Somaliland – Sanaag, Sool and Buhoodle – by Puntland and b) the barring of the two Puntland members from the selected negotiating committee by the Somalia’s TFG as demanded by Somaliland because the two members from Puntland were Somalilanders.  However, during the meeting another letter from Khaatumo group arrived to the venue and basically refuted line item (a) of Puntland letter.

 On 23 June 2012, Dr Abdirahman Faroole,  the President of Puntland,  gave an interview to the BBC Somali section in which he also casted doubt  over the purpose  of the meeting  between the two presidents of Somaliland and Somalia (M.A. Mohamoud and Sh. Sharif Ahmed) held in Dubai  on 28 June 2012, in which the presidents in their capacity as leaders of the two countries – Somaliland and Somalia- endorsed the outcome of the  peace initiative talks  in London and Istanbul.  Surprisingly, Mr Faroole was present in the venue where the two presidents were signing the agreement between the parties (Somaliland and Somalia) and the International Community is considering his administration as a part of Somalia (Southern Somalia) that is represented by President Sheikh Sharif in the occasion: the man that he is trying to share with his shoes.

That disparaging interview in which he told to Yusuf Garad of the BBC that the meeting was merely a gathering for which the sheikh was seeking for re-election and Silaayo for recognition and sarcastically said that he did not know how they could help each other on that.  He added that few photos were posted together in the hall where he was at time. He openly pronounced in the interview that he is not supporting any peace initiative that he is not involved as a person and thus statement shows his egotism and his insatiable nature.

The whole interview was a gruff utterance to blight the on-going peace process.  As a matter of fact it was the practice of Garowes’ successive administrationS to have their policies on their sleeves: keeping deviously the order of their house while at the same time sharing the power with Mogadishu Administrations or course-plotting for any change in power. As a last resort, the Puntland president is now aiming to heal wounds with the  Khaatumo Group  and Ogaden  people  in a proposed meeting in Jigjiga with the aim of gathering weight  to  get in the way  of the dialogue between  Somalia and Somaliland.

 Finally for Somaliland apart from that dialogue, there is an uphill task waiting for them that needs to be addressed in the soonest possible; Somaliland needs to tidy up its rather messy internal affairs. It has to expedite the settlement of all pending and sore issues whether it is political or tribal dealings all across Somaliland.

Mohamoud H Arrale

For your ease please find below all Communiqués


1- Following the commitments in the London and Istanbul communiqués that the international community would support dialogue between the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (or its replacement) and Somaliland to clarify their future relations, the two sides met at a technical level on 20‐21 June at Chevening.

2. The meeting was hosted by the UK and co‐hosted by Norway and EU, at the request of the two sides.

3. The purpose of these preparatory talks was to establish a framework for future substantive talks.

4. The participants of the meeting welcomed the opening of a dialogue and emphasised their commitment to the continuation of these talks.

5. The participants:

(i) Agreed that the talks would take place between two sides ‐ the TFG (or its replacement) and Somaliland, in accordance with paragraph 6 of the London Conference Communiqué and paragraph 10 of the Istanbul II Conference Communiqué;

(ii) Noted the need to adopt a common approach to avoid anything that would undermine the continuation of the talks as defined above;

(iii) Committed to the continuation of the talks and called on the two presidents to meet to review progress as soon as possible; (iv) Called on the international community to continue to facilitate the talks, including providing the two sides with external experts on legal, economic and security matters;

(v) Agreed to share experience on working more effectively with the international community on the use of development and humanitarian assistance for the people of both sides and called for the international community to increase that assistance;

(vi) Agreed to cooperate in the fight against terrorism, extremism and serious crime; (vii) Agreed to cooperate in the fight against piracy at sea and on land, maritime crime, illegal fishing and toxic dumping; and

(viii) Reiterated their support for ending the Transition in Somalia

Dubai Statement

28 JUNE 2012

  1. Following the London and Istanbul communiqués that the international community would support dialogue between the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (or its replacement) and the government of Somaliland to clarify their future relations, and following the meeting held in Chevening House, London, the President of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and of the president of Somaliland met on 28 June, in Dubai.
  2. The meeting was hosted by the government of the United Arab Emirates, at the request of the two sides.
  3. The purpose of this meeting was for the two presidents present, President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, and the President Ahmed Mohamud Silanyo, Somaliland, to formally endorse the process of the talks between the two sides that were started in Chevening on 20-21 June.
  4. Both parties agreed to the continuation of this dialogue, and agreed to allow the two committees, formed by the Presidents, to continue the talks on order to clarify the relationship between the two sides.

H.E. President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed            H.E. President Ahmed Mohamoud Silanyo

Presidents,                                                                             President,

Transitional Federal Government of Somalia         Somaliland