Somcable lands PEACE submarine Cable in Somaliland

The PEACE Cable company in collaboration with Somcable, the largest fiber Optic internet provider in Somaliland, have landed a new submarine cable in Berbera.

The cable, connecting France to Pakistan via the Europe-Asia route, will provide the most direct connectivity route from Asia and East Africa to Europe as well as minimizing existing communication delays between the three continents.

Pakistan and East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) is initially a 15,000 km submarine cable from Pakistan to France, extended from Pakistan to Singapore for an additional 6,500km.

This opportunity will give Somaliland a strategic boost with respect to more flexible digital connection options, including high speeds of 200 Gbps per single wavelength with a total capacity of 16Tbps, as well as stable and secure data access possibilities.

The continued growth in consumer demand for connectivity and data will unlock new markets for co-location data centers, content development networks and Over-the-Top service providers in Somaliland.

PEACE Cable has four main trunks landed in France, Egypt, Pakistan, and Kenya.

Prior to landing in Somaliland, the PEACE cable landed in Kenya in late March. While its Mediterranean segment (PEACE-MED), connecting Egypt, Cyprus, Malta, and France, has been in service since March 28 this year.

PEACE is privately owned and invested by PEACE CABLE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK CO., LIMITED, a subsidiary of China-based HENGTONG Group, and supplied by HMN Tech (formerly Huawei Marine).

About PEACE Cable International Network CO. LTD

PEACE Cable International Network CO. LTD, was founded in 2018 and registered in Hong Kong. PEACE aims to be a leading international submarine cable system operator. The PEACE submarine cable system, connecting Asia, Africa and Europe, provides open, flexible and carrier-neutral services for its customers.

About Somcable

Somaliland Cable abbreviated as SomCable is a private Internet service provider based in Hargeisa, capital of Somaliland. Founded in 2010 by Mohamed Aw Said, a local businessman, Somcable became the first service provider to offer fiber optic network in Somaliland in 2015.