Somalilanders getting involved in Somalia Election must be charged with treason


Lately, I have been seeing and hearing from the news that Somalilanders are supporting and endorsing the Somalia federal election and that their candidate is Farmajo. Every Somalilander knows Farmajo agenda towards, Somaliland, he doesn’t like seeing Somaliland’s progress.

It makes furious to Somalilanders to endorse any candidate especially Farmajo to be elected, and that Somalilanders who are supporters of the Federal election of Somalia should be charged with treason, and it is exactly what happened in Washington DC Last week, those people who invaded the capital building have committed treason and that goes for people in Somaliland who support the federal election of Somalia.

Somaliland has moved on and in no way we will ever join with Somalia, and Somalia is our neighbor, our brothers, and sisters, we share the same religion, we share the same language, and ethnicity, we are Muslims, then Somalis, second, and Somalilanders third our nationality, no matter what our differences we will always be Somali.

Somaliland must get international recognition, and I Implore my fellow Landers In North America, Canada the US, to push for the recognition of Somaliland. Even though we are in a pandemic we must be vocal of country and we can’t be shy of this, and we can’t be afraid of what the Somalia community will think of us, and this has been happening for years and we must show that we are Somaliland and be proud of it.

I Implore with the government of Somaliland to prosecute those Somalilanders who endorse and support the federal election of Somaliland.


Farhan Ibrahim