Somaliland: Waddani Youth Spokesperson Released After Fine Paid

Hargeisa (SLpost)- The Spokesperson for the Youth wing of Waddani National Party, Mohamed Sadik Abdillahi “Dhamme” has been released from prison after a fine was paid in lieu of his sentence.


The Waddani Youth spokesperson was convicted of incitement by the Marodi Jeh Regional Court and sentenced to six months in prison. After more than two months in remand awaiting trail, his remaining time was substituted for a fine paid by his party.


After his release from jail, speaking to the media, Mohamed “Dhamme” thanked the members of his legal team, the members of his party and all the Somalilanders who had advocated for his release.


The court conviction still stands, and unless there is a presidential pardon or an appeals victory to clear his record, Mohamed “Dhamme” could be excluded from any governmental office in a future Waddani administration.


Ali Mohamed Abokor