Somaliland: Vice-President Saylici Opens The 12th Hargeisa International Book Fair

Hargeisa (SLpost)- The Somaliland Vice-President Abdirahaman Abdillahi, “Saylici”, officially opened this year’s Hargeisa International Book Fair.

In a ceremony at the Hargeisa Cultural Centre, the Vice-President welcomed the authors, scholars, publishers and other participants in the book fair.

Amongst the dignitaries present at the ceremony were, the new EU envoy, Ambassador Nicolas Berlanga Martinez, the German ambassador to Kenya, Annett Gunther, Stuart Brown of the British Office Hargeisa, and representatives from, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Turkey. As well as authors and academics from the guest country of Egypt.

Among the attendees, was the inestimable, Edna Aden, who gave a brief speech on the vitality of the written word and the role it plays in broadening the outlook and minds of the masses.

The Book fair, which began, today runs until the 25th of July, with Readings, Panel discussions, Q & A sessions, and Lectures across various cultural and education centres in Hargeisa.

Ali Mohamed Abokor