Somaliland: The Brave Move Of Professor Ahmed I. Samatar

The Professor’s upcoming visit to Somaliland is suspicious. Professor Ahmed Ismail Samatar’s sudden change of heart warrants discussion. The professor was a staunch supporter of Somalia. He has shown this support in all his writings and speeches about Somalia. He even avoided talking about his clan let alone his other roots.

Going back to his political philosophy, one would wonder the reasons behind his sudden change of heart. The professor has been advocating for Somalia unity. Recently he ran for the presidency for Somalia under the Heel Qaran Party. His speeches in the campaign were based on Somali unity. He doesn’t believe in dividing Somalia. He was very sensitive to the idea of Somaliland independence. He was asked many times about the question of Somaliland being a sovereign state and he rejected even the idea of talking about that notion.

The reasons of change of heart at this particular time and space are unknown and buried in his heart. Even his closest friends would not tell you what he is up to. However smart people who know the Professor’s political history would think of two things behind the Professor’s change of heart; revenge against the President of Somalia and his comrades or he gave up his political principals.

The thought of revenge has risen from his failure from the wild adventure in Mogadisho. When he failed in the election, he immediately turned to the weakness of the Somali parliament and criticised its makeup and its members. In the election campaign he depended on the advice of some members in his party who convinced him that Somalis are ready to elect someone on his calibre regardless of his tribe. He did not wake up till he was asked which tribe he was from. After the presidential election, he thought because of his calibre, he would be a candidate for a big ministerial position. That did not happen too. After all those embarrassments, he returned bewildering his innocence. Now coming back to the position which has not been in his dreams is mind boggling.

His upcoming Somaliland visit could be part of that revenge. He wants to show those people in the South that he can do more harm to them by joining forces in the north. His turn around at this time is suspicious in nature. The Somalilanders are wondering how come the Professor is so bold that he endeavours into Somaliland politics and why the Governmnt of Somaliland is promising a warm welcome.  Both the Government and the Professor have their own agenda and not sharing those agendas with each other. It won’t be a surprise to Somalilanders if the Professor admits his faults and joins forces with Somaliland because both the Professor and the Government of Somaliland are thinking of that “an enemy of your enemy is your friend”. So why not welcome the Professor to Somaliland. If the Professor decided to support Somaliland with all his heart, then Somalilanders should give him the warmest welcome because he would be an asset to Somaliland.
By writing all of the above about Samatar’s ambition, I still believe he can be a game changer in Somaliland politics and I am saluting him for visiting where his ambilical cord lies.


Mohammed Ali Muuse ( Canada )