Somaliland: More than 1.5 Million people facing food Shortage

Hargeisa, Somalilandpost –   More than 1.5 million people in Somaliland are facing acute food shortage through June due to impacts of below-average Deyr season rainfall, said by Somaliland government.  


According to the post-Deyr seasonal assessment by Somaliland Natural Disasters Preparedness agency and also report by the Famine Early Warning Systems Network, at least 1.8 Million people in eastern and Western regions Somaliland are under food shortage treat.

Faisal Sheikh

“In Somaliland this year, more than 1.5 million people who lives in all parts of Somaliland are in an emergency condition,” said by Faisal Sheikh, director of Somaliland Natural Disasters Preparedness agency.


Mr Faisal urged the international and UN organization to respond immediately.


“We are asking all international agencies, the United Nations, the Somaliland government and the people of Somaliland to respond urgently and do what they can. There are many marginalized areas in the east affected by the recent conflicts,” Said Faisal.


Seasons in Somaliland include the Xagaa from July to September, the Dayr from October to December, the Jilal from December to March, and the Gu from late March to June.


“The Deyr rains started late and were significantly below average across most of the country receiving 25 percent to 50 percent of average rainfall, ” said the report by the Famine Early Warning Systems Network.