Somaliland Foreign Representatives In Key Recognition Talks  

Overseas representatives of Somaliland will hold their first joint meeting on Saturday to push for international recognition. This key gathering of representatives will stretch for 5 days to exchange views of creating a strategic foreign policy.

“This is a historical moment for Somaliland to push for recognition and finalize a constructive foreign policy. You have all the representatives from all parts of the world to streamline our diplomatic approach to achieve recognition” says Foreign Minister Dr. Saad Ali Shire. ”Recognition is long overdue.”

The five-day meeting will train Somaliland ambassadors on the basics of diplomatic protocol and media engagement, to strengthen its case for international recognition. This will also provide the opportunity to discuss on finalizing Somaliland’s foreign policy. This will unlock the doors to full international financial institutions to provide further funds for development and investment.

Somaliland is an oasis of peace and stability in a volatile region. The international community does not recognize Somaliland as a state independent from its southern neighbor.

Somaliland can play an important part as a buffer of stability in the region and this meeting will underline the role it can play in cementing regional peace and tolerance at a time when it is critically needed.

Press Release

Issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, Republic of Somaliland.

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