Hargeisa, Somaliland, 12 December 2015 – Somaliland foreign Minister Dr. Saad Ali Shire told that the discussions would focus on building the country’s image abroad to press for full recognition. During the meeting, which was held at Mansoor Hotel in Hargeisa, Foreign Minister Dr. Saad welcomed the participants. All representatives introduced themselves and held discussions on several topics such as protocol and communications.


The Foreign Minister also said “we have already fulfilled the criteria for statehood. We have a working government with an elected President.  We have our currency and functioning institutions.  But we don’t yet have a seat at the United Nations.” Dr Saad Ali Shire mentioned that the government of Somaliland achieved a lot over the past 25 years.


The first day of the meeting has included sharing of lessons learnt by the overseas representatives in their missions abroad. Dr Edna Adan said “all representatives act as a Finance Minister, Defense and Minister of Information.”


Dr. Edna Adan and Ambassador Awal both provided many useful insights to the Ambassadors based on their own extensive experience in foreign affairs.  Dr. Edna Adan argued that “the job of the Ambassadors was crucial to Somaliland’s efforts to secure recognition and that Ambassadors must be prepared to make personal sacrifices”



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