Psycho-politics of Somalia & Somaliland – by Mohamed Nageeb

Dear Readers,

The significant problem we facing  today,  can not be solved by the level of thinking we had when we created these problems.   The level of thinking of hoping to create  Somali union,  The level of thinking of using governmental apparatuses to settle scores with other tribe.   (like Bare’s regime did) The level  of thinking of regarding all Somalis to have the same political  attitude and the same political preferences.  All of these political  level of  thinking  which we  inherited from 60’s had ensued the destruction , dissolution and the disperse  of Somali people and are now   surfacing up again   through the road map of Somalia.    In the Somali media Arena,  the advocates of Somali and Somaliland to unite again  are fiercely implementing  a Political Cardinal Approach : It is to induce a high degree of  responsiveness and   to encourage  the members of the political community  (in this case Somali Landers )  to react in ways that facilitate  attainment of the desired objective.  Through the most of the Somalia TV screens, and which is exclusively to the politician, scholars and prominent figures from Somalia had   poured  in discussions & debate shows of  Somali TV.  These guys from Somalia  are  engaging  psycho  politics war with Somaliland through the  television screens of which they  prevaricating  the true meaning  of article 6 of the London Conference on Somalia which  was held on 23rd February 2012,  in U K and of which of  fifty-five delegations of the international community  had attended.  they are expressing wishful thinking and deliberately presenting  wrong construe and  preposterous views through the Somali  TV screens. It is irony to see Somali an politicians wishing Somaliland to come back to the union and at the same time taking courses of action that undermine the sovereignty and aspirations of Somaliland People. It clear that their actions will rekindle enmity and farther the gap of  difference between the two country.  These southern leaders are hoping that by including Somaliland as part of their political solution strategy, Somaliland may consider coming back to the unification However, Lets look at the article 6 and elaborate it more clearly to them.

Article 6. The Conference recognised the need for the international community to support any dialogue that Somaliland and the TFG or its replacement may agree to establish in order to clarify their future relations.

To debug , First part of the article: It is a request from the international communities to support the outcome of the dialogue of  Somaliland and TFG may made.

Second Part: It is request from Somaliland and TFG, to establish a dialogue.

Third part: It is the key that elucidates the  topic of the dialogue. it is to clarify their future relation but it is not to clarify their future,  thus this is  to establish    quid pro quo relation  and the only issues  surrounding  Quid Pro Quo can be discussed. Mind you if it article 6 have been written in  such a way like ( to clarify their future)   then every  topic & issues would have been on the  table to negotiate. To epitomize a familiar tone when  Somali delegation  went to the  neighbouring  country and in their at the press conferences , they  usually reiterate that their mission was to advance and  strength  relations between the countries. Recently Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland  mentioned  that under the leadership of Silanyo of Somaliland that Somaliland & Djibouti relations have grown stronger. Internationally adjacent countries are expected to have peace full  working relations for advancement of their Security and Economic development, therefore  Somaliland is looking to have international relation with Somalia. So southern guys , come on stop being political immature and attempts  to proselyte  the true meaning of the Article6. I wonder What word of the article do they not understand?

Mohamed Nageeb

Economic & Political Strategist