Mr. Laab-Saalax, Call The Cat; A Fat Rat Has Sneaked Into My Bedroom

YusefLife is measured in love and positive contribution and moments of grace. In order to carry a positive action, we must develop a positive vision. I truly believe that everything we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we are all teachers if we are willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn. Trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks; or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door. Everyman has an insane spot somewhere in his body; but Xasan Calasow has insane spots all his body.

Dear reader, call the cat, a fat rat has sneaked into my bedroom. Xasan Calasow is challenging and disputes over the truth and validity of the golden verses and Silky – Prose of the royalty of Mr. Qamaan Bulxan and his Crown Prince, Mr. Abdillahi Sultaan Tima Cadde. Mr. Calasow, Ignorance is a bless. These two living legends are the cornerstone and the main root of the Trunk – Tree of the Somali Poetry and literature. Those poets who were in love with the Somali language more than they love themselves and had believesd that poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance. Their poetry is the spontaneous overflow of wonderful feelings; it takes it’s origin from sincere and honest emotions recollected in tranquility. Xasan Calasow, you are a Saw – Mouthed , Sinecure who makes his living by blackmailing innocent people and extortion of money by threatening others. You are like a cock who thinks that the sun had risen to hear him crow. Mr. Calsow, Xalaal food and decent deeds belongs to the eyes that can see them. You have to filter what you are swallowing. You have a negative mind and a negative heart. You must be educated because Laab – Saalax has born knowing.

A snobbish kid of Mogadishu who was fed and raised by a toxic mushroom of Mogadishu, is challenging and is disputing over the genuineness of the poetry of the offspring of these two living legends, Mr. Qamaan Bulxan and his Crown – Prince, Mr. Abdillahi Sultaan ( Tima Cadde ). Abwaan Laab – Saalax, the offspring of those two living legends, is falsely accused of photocopying, misplaying, misprinting, and misquoting the source of the originality of the creation of his lyrics. Mr. Laab – Salaax, call the cat; a fat rat has sneaked into my bedroom. Dear reader, if you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, just come and sit next to Xasan Calasow. Before I refuse to take your questions, I have an opening statement. When you debating with a gifted and talented poet like Mr. Laab – saalax, an hour seems like a second. But when arguing with a jerk man like Mr. Calsow, a second seems like an hour. That is relativity. Mr. Laab – Saalax, call the cat, a fat rat has sneaked into my bedroom. Dear reader, one of the funny things of the Stock Market is that every time one person buys, anther sells, and both think they are astute. If it jiggles; it is fat. Mr. Calasow says, I don’t need you to remind me of my age to attend my five ritual prayers. I have a Urine – Bladder to do that for me.

Dear reader, those who feel ashamed, has vanished away. Amazing indeed! How envy and jealousy deafens and blinds people. Dear reader, the deceased poet Mr. Cabdi Gahayr says: Ninkii Laysku Waafaqay, Sidi Waysadi Nabiga, Ninki Uu Warkiisi Ka Dhacay, Wabi Iyo Gashaamo, Haysdaba Waraaqde Nafta Weylalooday Leh. Dear reader, there is an Arabic Quotation that says. If you live longer; you will hear and see many funny remarks from the chucklehead persons like Xasan Calasow.

Mr.Calasow, are you sober and aware of what you are saying? I know that you are a moslem who born again as a Christian and used to be a parish for a congregation in an Anglican Chapel on the suburbs of Rome. Had used to Hold a guitar and stroll along the streets of Rome, teaching Christianity to the white people. And your objectivity of embracing Christianity was not a matter of convention, but it was simply a matter of using Christianity as a shelter against poverty. And you had lost your post as a parish after you had raped one of the Nuns there in the Chapel. After that, you had fled to Somalia and has created your own Website and had established as a War Lord some gang groups out of the snobbish kids of Mogadishu. In order to blackmail businessmen by uttering false accusation and incriminating innocent people, for the sake of extorting some dirty money, by hook or by crook.

Dear reader, Mr.calasow claims that he has a blond hair and his face is dark – black, tanned and with a big belly. He boasts by announcing that he makes his living by blackmailing business men and that is how he raises my kids. Mr. Calasow, you always has wanted to be somebody while you are not. Everybody knows that you were chasing Dahabshiil Cooperation and other business men for a couple of years, in order to obtain some dirty – money; but you have failed. Now you have heard that Abwaan Laab – Salaax is the cashier of the Horn – Stars and their account is green and booming. That is why he is knocking the door of Laab – Salaax nowadays. Plus that, the lady hand – bag of Yurub Genyo is full of gold and jewellery. Watch out! In few days time; you will hear that Yurub Geynyo Jewellery – Box is missing. Mr. Xasan Calasow, Laab – Saalax is saying, “I consider myself a genuine poet who born a poet and a musician second. I live a decent life like a poet and I will die as a decent poet with clean Collar Shirt like my ancestors, Qamaan Bulxan and Abdillahi Sultaan ( Tima Cadde ). Personality is everything in Art and Poetry. The air is living with it’s spirit, and the waves of emotions dance to the music of my melodies and tempo; and sparkle in it’s brightness. Continues saying, ” poetry and Art teaches me that the love of people and beauty is one of nature’s greatest healers. Poetry does not reproduce what I see; rather, it makes me see and feel. Teaching the young generation to love; but not to hate.” Mr. Calasow, can you please tell us what you feel and see?

Laab – Saalax says” ( Halku Nacasku Iga Gaabiyey, Baan Garan Aqoon Waayey.

Mr. Laab – Saalax, call the cat; a fat rat has sneaked into my bedroom.


Yusuf Deyr, Hargeisa Somaliland