Four Swedish Nationals with Somali Origin were last night Shot dead in Stockholm

Stockholm (SLpost)- Four young Swedish nationals with Somali Origin were last night shot down in cold blood outside a Takeaway center in the Stockholm.

Police and security forces were chasing those responsible for the attack,  which may be a new part of an ongoing gang war.
“We are investigating whether it has any connection to previous incidents”, said Lars Byström, a police official in Stockholm County.

The four victims were gunned down at a takeaway at Tenstagången in western Stockholm last night. Three of them are in their 20s , while the fourth is a few years younger.
A witness says that one of the injured was inside the hot dog stand after the shots had fallen. “When I arrived , it was already two police cars there and cordoned off. But I managed to get a quick glance at one of the guys, he was inside on the grill and there was blood everywhere,” said the witness who was present at murder scene.

“A hovering between life and death, one was shot in the stomach and one in the thigh,” , said another witness.

swedenAccording to witnesses , it took up to 20 minutes before an ambulance arrived to the scene. Therefore drove individuals the injured men to hospital instead, which also confirms SOS Alarm .
“The staff at the grill screaming at people to get there by their own cars and drive away the injured to the hospital because the ambulance did not come, says a witness.

Seriously injured
Late in the night one of the men was treated for severe gunshot wounds at the Karolinska Hospital in Solna. He’s injuries are considered serious but not life-threatening. The other three men are described as minor injuries .
At the same time there was a major police operation , with staff from several districts to locate the culprits who now suspected of attempted murder. During the night, a police helicopter hovered over parts of western Stockholm .
In Tensta center blocked the police of a larger area for technical examination last evening. “We have a lot of effort working on many different fronts. We’ll see if we can find any witness statements or weapons,” said Alexander Gäfvert , deputy station officer at the police in western Stockholm .
sweden2May have gang connection Of particular interest in the investigation are two men who left the scene on a moped towards Spångavägen sports .
According to witness statements, it was also the men who fired the shots. “The goal is to apprehend persons who have been guilty of this . We are looking for at least one culprit in these kinds of crimes, it may be a number of those involved, one can keep watch and so on,” says Lars Byström .
On Monday morning, no suspected offender arrested for murder . According to several respondents, it has recently been deals between two criminal groups from western Stockholm. The same sources say that last night’s deeds have connections to these groups and reportedly also working police from such a scenario. – There have been some shootings in the past and there are things we will check if it can have any association,” says Lars Byström.

Stockholm, Sweden