First 3G in Somaliland: SOMTEL service for high speed Internet

Somtel Executive Manager

Somtel, a telecom company equipped latest European technology was established throughout Somaliland in 2010, and up to now 500 persons in different levels got employment opportunities its branches across Somaliland.

Apart, different social sport activities Somtel helps Somaliland youth, it is also undertaking this holy month of Ramadan program called kasmaal, which all subscribers of the company who purchases prepaid cards of Somtel eligible to take part win 3 million Somaliland shilling question contest aired daily SNTv, while another answer and win 3G, flash, fixed heads and cards aired Horn cable TV.

Manager of Somtel public relation and marketing, Abdinasir saleban, who was asked when Somtel was established and what are the new technologies company introduced telecom business in Somaliland, replied, “Somtel was established throughout Somaliland one time on 2010, and it’s first telecom company introduced first time in Somaliland 3G and fast speed Internet.”

Abdinasir added, “As Somtel has branches throughout six regions of Somaliland up to now almost 500 persons got employment opportunities and will increase  near future as we are processing upgrading and enlarging our infrastructure because of increase of our customers’ demands,”

Lastly, when asked what Somaliland population will expect Somtel will introduce near future, replied, “As we previously first time introduced Somaliland 3G and fast speed Internet, every time we seek to provide our customers latest technology in telecommunications, and near future will see what we provided as we are always ready to fill demands of our customers.”