Edna Hospital Doctors Graduate from Amoud University

HARGEISA — Edna cried with happiness during the graduation of two of her former midwives from Amoud Medical School last week in the town of Borama. They are among Somaliland’s latest medical graduates and are desperately needed in a country where there is huge shortages in medical workforce.

The new doctors

Dr Shukri Abdi and Dr Naima Ajib first graduated from Edna Adan University Hospital school of Midwifery and then were trained by the Hospital as Nurses. The hospital then sponsored the two young women through the medical School after they showed a lot of promise in the field. Beaming with pride, Edna said, “They are great doctors and so happy to have them back at the hospital.”

“I would like to share with you a very proud moment when ‘our’ daughters graduated from medical school. I was so emotional that I cried of happiness. It was worth waiting for the first females to graduate from medical school who are linked to our hospital.

“On Wednesday the 27th of July, 2011, the two medical students who we have supported financially and morally for the past six years have graduated!

“Two weeks before this date, there was a ceremony to announce the students who had graduated from medical school, and on the 27th of July, there was the grand graduation for 192 students graduation from various faculties of Amoud University. The President and the First Lady attended the graduation and I was one of the people who spoke on this occasion.”

Dr Shukri wants to become a surgeon and has been working with the American surgeons from Kijabe Hospital in Kenya over the years. Edna is proud to report, “They love her and ask for her before they come.”

Dr Naima will specialize in obstetrics which Edna Adan University Hospital will directly benefit from since it is one of few places that address women health.