Dr. Mohamed Abdilahi Omar: A Diplomat with Clout

indebtedSomaliland will be forever indebted to outgoing the minister of foreign affairs Dr. Mohamed Abdilahi Omar for his invaluable service and tireless dedication to Somaliland’s foreign affairs office.

Somaliland has been lucky to have an energetic, nimble and competent foreign minister at a time of uncertainty and drastic change in the horn of Africa. He has been proactive and shown the ability to adapt to fluid events that require continuous give and take, and move and countermoves with which he was able to ameliorate the many intransigence factors that have hindered Somaliland’s cause. He has in a strategy of co-operation through sequences of bilateral understandings with friends, neighbors and other stakeholders’ maneuvered Somaliland’s priorities, goals, and concerns on to the forefront. Dr. Mohamed Omar has strengthened the economic and political interests of Somaliland in the world stage.

Dr. Mohamed, Omar repelled Somalia’s hegemony over Somaliland in the region and with his vast energy, astute intuition and tone of diplomatic decorum, He cleverly guided Somaliland in avoiding the unspecified ramifications of declining the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron’s personal invitation to attend the second Somali conference in London, especially given the considerable and relentless pressure was exerted on Somaliland.

Dr. Mohamed, Omar’s tenacity and resolve ensured that the wording of the 2012 London conference communiqué did not impede on Somaliland’s pursuit for recognition and secondly he managed to garner international support for future Somaliland and Somali talks that are beneficial to Somaliland’s self-determination.

Dr. Mohamed, Omar embodies the indomitable virtues of our nation and his selfless-commitment, courage, discipline and loyalty to Somaliland will stand the test of time.

Geleh Ali Gulaid