Development of Somaliland Telecommunication Companies.


After Somaliland independence was declared in 18 may 1991, a different telecommunication companies was established and at this current time Somaliland has three telecommunication companies which are: Telesom Company, Somtel and Nationlink. Each of these telecommunication companies in Somaliland has their mission and vision and goals, and there is no relationship between them. All Telecommunication companies in Somaliland provide their clients for different services such as fixed line telephone, Internet services, electricity, mobile services and mobile money transfer. Telecommunication systems have primary role; transporting information or message from one point to another.

The privatization and the perfect competition facilitated a rapid expansion of the company, a constant improvement on quality, and the responsiveness to customers. However, there are problems inherent in privatization of the company and these telecommunication companies are formed without existence of any connection among them. One can’t call to another, whose telephone line is supplied by different company.

One major advantage of the telecommunication companies is that they provide jobs to large number of people. Telecommunication employees are different in level and skill. Staffs have levels such as Management team, departmental managers, supervisors, sales people, operators, engineers, assistants, drivers, watchman and other kinds of workers and practical example that the Telecommunication companies are an important employment agent.

Private telecommunication companies contributed great advantages to the country in the terms of efficiency and speed of performing operations, cheaper prices, employment, industry and economic development and enhancing social well-being programs.

Without the private ownership of telecommunication business, telephone penetration and the provision rates of multi-services could not be as high as they are presently.


Not only Telecom companies provided an employment to the citizens, but it offered skills and means of doing their jobs as well. I personally know some non-skilled persons, who began to work the telecommunication firms. However, after a while they become expert technicians, software or hardware professionals, and qualified accountants and so on.


The second advantage of telecommunications companies is that they establish mobile money transfer such as ZAAD and EDAHAB that will facilitate for you to buy and sell for everything you need by using your mobile and that you can use your mobile as an electronic saving wallet in order avoid the handling charge or the place that you were deposing.

Somaliland major telecommunication companies [Telesom, Somtel and Nationlink] are failed to interconnect their lines and mobiles in order to simplify their customers to relate their relatives, friends, coworkers, and etc whose telephone is supplied by different telecommunication companies. Each company supplies its own telephone services and utilizes its own towers, antennas, and microwave system.


I would like to advice the ministry of post and telecommunication to establish rules and regulation and center that they can manage income and outgoing calls and this is will facilitate the ministry of finance to charge the telecom companies the rate amount of tax per month and per year since they don’t pay at this current time the actual amount of national tax.


Best Regards

Abdiqafar Hassan Maal